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Anna Ol is an award-winning ballerina whose work on stage, film, modelling and design has been known and appreciated around the world. Her elegance, weightlessness and purity of dance is clearly visible in the both classical and modern ballet repertoires. Anna’s versatility makes her a unique talent with a distinctive voice. She represents the strength of character required to succeed in the ballet world without letting the competitive spirit control her personality. 

Born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Anna started her dance career with the Siberian State Ballet in Krasnoyarsk as a prima ballerina. After winning two gold medals at prestigious ballet competitions she joined Michailovsky Theatre in Sint-Petersburg and later Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko in Moscow as a principal dancer. 

She was invited to join Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam in 2015 and has since appeared as a guest ballerina across Europe, Russia, North America, South America and Asia. Anna has been considered as the best dancer of the year 2018 by Dance Europe magazine, which has also awarded her the Critics’ Choice for best performance on multiple occasions. She’s been the recipient of Russia’s prestigious “Ballet magazine” Award (as a Rising Star) and a prize at Dance Open St Petersburg (The miss virtuosity). 

Throughout all ballet career Anna has been working with many choreographers. A few remarkable works were created specifically for her by David Dawson, Remy Worthmeyer and Juliano Nunes.

Besides being a ballerina and mother, Anna has a lot of diverse projects related to ballet and art. She has created different designs and ballet costumes and has helped the clothing brand “La Principale dancewear” with establishing and promoting the brand. 

Anna is a certified ballet teacher (Moscow, Russian Institute of Theatre Arts-GITIS,2018). During the pandemic she read several studies on the physical aspect of ballet and programs to keep the body of a ballet dancer in prime condition. Also, she organized several training sessions to aid ballet dancers around the world in maintaining their motivation and shape.

In 2020, Anna was invited as a Ballet Master in the “Dancemasterclass” project which creates Master Classes with the most famous dancers of our days. During her pregnancy she was also filmed as part of a documentary about pregnant ballerinas by the same company.

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