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Without dancing
what's the point?

What we Offer

An important matter of Brodbeck & Lips is to be active in the field of dance education. On the one hand, by bringing together aspiring dancers from Switzerland with top international dancers in the form of workshops and master classes and, on the other hand, by offering an exciting supporting program around Homage to Ballet. With these activities we would like to promote and enable exchange and dialogue between dance enthusiasts and dance creators.

Brodbeck & Lips also offers individual coaching for aspiring dancers and their families. Be this in relation to ballet coaching but also career development. A dancer's career is characterized by passion and commitment, which is not only provided by the dancers, but by the entire environment. Without a doubt, questions arise that we would be happy to support you with in an advisory capacity.

HomAge To BAllet 2022

For the first edition of "Homage to Ballet" in September 2022, we organised a dance workshop in which a total of 75 dance students from all over Switzerland took part. The workshop took place on the stage of the MAAG Theatre and was led by the soloists of the Staatsballett Berlin Weronika Frodyma and Arshak Ghalumyan. The participants learned part of the choreography of Mare Crisium and were immediately coached by the choreographer himself, Arshak Ghalumyan. The different perspectives - learning the choreography in the afternoon, which they were able to experience as spectators at the Homage to Ballet performance in the evening - was a very special experience according to the dance students.

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