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about us

Brodbeck & Lips is all about dance. By combining the different strengths of a professional ballet dancer and a show project manager, the two entrepreneurs create something unique.

Former soloist with Zurich Ballet, Royal Swedish Ballet and Staatsballett Berlin Sarah-Jane Brodbeck is the founder and artistic director of Brodbeck & Lips.

The former show project manager and right hand of the producer of MAAG Music & Arts Katharina Lips is the founder and managing director of Brodbeck & Lips.

Homage to Ballet – A Night with the Stars 2022 was our first project under our own name. The first step to realize our follow-up ideas in different areas such as performances, festivals, talent development and dancer health.



Sarah-Jane Brodbeck grew up in Zurich, where she also received her training as a professional ballet dancer. She danced for over 15 years as a soloist with international companies such as the Zurich Ballet, the Royal Swedish Ballet and most recently the Staatsballett Berlin. Her repertoire reveals a variety of different roles, choreographies and dance styles, ranging from classical ballet to neoclassical and contemporary dance. In her spare time, she organizes and creates ballet evenings with friends for Forceful Feelings, which have been performed internationally. She is studying Dance Science at the University of Bern and is expected to graduate with a MAS of Dance Science in 2023. Sarah-Jane is co-founder and artistic director at Brodbeck & Lips. "The fact that I have been able to pursue my passion as a profession for so many years is something I see as a great gift. Now it's time to share that passion in a different way."




Born into a Christmas circus family, Katharina Lips gained her first experiences in show business at an early age. She studied cultural studies and economics at the universities of Zurich, Bern and Fribourg, graduating with a Master of Arts. After a detour into supply chain management consulting at KPMG, she returned to the cultural industry in 2017 at MAAG Music & Arts. As project manager of the show department and right hand of the producer, she gained diverse and valuable experience in organizing touring shows as well as for in-house productions. Katharina is co-founder and managing director of Brodbeck & Lips. As an enthusiastic amateur ballet dancer and ballet-goer, she is also pursuing a personal dream with Homage to Ballet ⎯ A Night with the Stars: "Many times I have traveled abroad just to see performances of such format with the ballet stars; now they travel to us ⎯ simply terrific."



Vahe Martirosyan was born in Armenia and came to Switzerland in the age of 16 to attend the Swiss Ballet Vocational School. Under the direction of Heinz Spoerli, he earned the solo title at the Zurich Ballet and was a regular guest at international galas such as Roberto Bolle and Friends. After Zurich followed engagements at the Royal Swedish Ballet and the Staatsballett Berlin. Today he is an educated personal trainer and APM therapist in training, taking care of his clients' health. Vahe is the associate artistic director at Brodbeck & Lips and assists in the creative process. "Ballet evenings like this are always special ⎯ not only for the audience, but also for the dancers. They come together from the most diverse corners of the world and work together toward one goal: to enchant the audience."




Karl Lips lives for communication. Growing up in a talkative bilingual family, he learned early on that telling stories is the best diversion to get that last piece of pie. In the meantime, he has collected tales in his time working in commodities trading, deals consulting and public administration. At Brodbeck & Lips, his field is therefore storytelling and communication work around Homage to Ballet. As a ballet admirer, he likes to leave the performing part to others, but sits and taps his feet surprisingly gracefully to the choreographies. Karl is the head of communication and the chief storyteller at Brodbeck & Lips. “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life - I find this to be particularly true when watching a Ballet on such a high performance. It brings our original, our subconcious to light. Pain or pleasure, Ballet is a language with an endless vocabulary.”

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