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Dayne Florence is Australian, and was born in the city of Sydney. He began his dance education with the Mcdonald College of Performing Arts, and furthered his training with the Ballettschule Theater Basel. Whilst studying in Basel, he had his first professional experience as an apprentice with the Ballet du Rhin in Mulhouse, France.

Once he completed his education in Basel, Dayne became a member of the NRW Junior Ballett Dortmund under the directorship of Xin Peng Wang, a soloist artist with Ballet Nürnberg with Goyo Montero, and is now a member of Ballet Basel.

Over the years, Dayne has performed works by Jacopo Godani, Marco Geocke, Itzik Galili, Heinz Spoerli, Goyo Montero, Xin Peng Wang, among other choreographers.

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